Build a new skills centre for special needs individuals The Cascadia Society for Social Working


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  • To renovate an old house and turn it into a skills centre
  • To expand our current programming
  • To create new programming
  • To grow our community

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The Cascadia Society has recently acquired a building to be used as a residence and skills centre for special needs individuals. The house needs a lot of work to become a space where we can create artistic, cultural and therapeutic environments and services.

Our programs include pottery workshops, weaving, home skills, performances, music therapy, painting and drawing, candle making and eurythmy. With a larger space, we will be able to begin working toward serving a larger community. With a functional space, we will also be able to expand our programming which will benefit students, families and the community in which we live.

The creation of artisan crafts by our companions and coworkers is rewarding and a source of pride. We collaborate with members in our community and each individual can contribute and we celebrate each person's unique skills and gifts.


Workshop spaces for clay/ pottery, a gathering space, a new greenhouse for our biodynamic garden


Community Benefit

We serve a special needs community in the Greater Vancouver Mainland by providing residential care and a daily skills centre. The skills centre is a place where our special needs companions learn how to create artisan crafts and it is where we offer art and music therapy. It is very beneficial for our companions to share their gifts with their community which also includes our companions' families and friends, our neighbours, local arts and special needs organizaions the Waldorf schools and other Camphill associations. We have collaborated with North Vancouver and international arts organizations and these arts events and performances are a community highlight. We also work with groups that are focused on sustainable agriculture and all of these groups of people will benefit from the expansion of our program in the forms of performances and plays, learning about sustainable agriculture and sharing the harvests from our gardens.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 9,000 Garden:new glass for greenhouse, new boxes, tools, soil and seeds
$ 10,000 Interior renovations: including building materials, plans and designs
$ 6,000 A wheelchair accessible washroom

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