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  • Produce a documentary about Canada's shrinking polar bears populations
  • Enable the world’s leading polar bear expert's voices be heard
  • Establish a bursary to foster future environmental advocates

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"The Polar Bare" will be a feature-length environmental documentary that explores declining polar bear populations, and their interconnection with global warming. Follow three young entrepreneurs as they embark upon an expedition to the Canadian Arctic. This film will spotlight world experts on polar bears, as well as chronicle the species growing struggle to survive in their natural habitat.


This widely neglected and undervalued issue is becoming more prominent as decreasing sea ice, poachers, oil harvesting, and other factors detrimental to their habitat, push this noble species closer to extinction. Scientific projections estimate that polar bears will likely be extinct within the next forty years, a timeline that will continue to shrink if we continue on our current path. With nearly half the Canada's polar bear populations declining, what will it take to turnaround this looming tragedy?

Community Benefit

As it stands, Canada's polar bear populations are declined. By raising awareness of this upcoming environmental extinction, we will be able to inspire individuals to take action to prevent the tragedy. All Canadians, current and future, will benefit from protecting one of our northern treasures.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 18,000 Filming and production
$ 5,800 Gear and equipment
$ 1,200 Bursary fund

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