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  • To support existing youth bowling events in Alberta
  • To provide financial assistance to Zone Associations in the province
  • To promote participation in the sport

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The A5PBA is increasingly less able to support its events for those who want to participate. We have income from casinos and raffles, but these funds can only cover specific expenses so our general funds (membership) must cover all that gaming money cannot. In some parts of the province bowlers and their families must cover the costs associated with travel, accomodations, and uniforms. These funds would provide financial assistance to zones to cover these costs and give more families the opportunity to participate in our events. It would also enhance the experiences that our bowlers have at our events by allowing us to reduce cutbacks. Zone associations may also use the funds to create more opportunities for youth to become engaged through local events. This grant would make bowling more accessible for a wider range of youth and help us to promote the sport within our communities.

Community Benefit

Bowling is a unique sport that people of all ages can participate in. One can compete as part of a team or as an individual and can experience success regardless of skill level. It also provides opportunities for youth to travel across Canada and make lifelong friends. Youth bowlers learn motor skills, coordination, balance, flexibility, focus and endurance. Participation in bowling promotes fitness and sociability. Bowling is an inexpensive sport that appeals to many families; however, some tournament costs can limit the opportunities for youth to engage in our events and experience success. Additionally, many do not know the benefits of involvement in youth bowling. These funds would allow more youth to participate and experience success in competition, and would promote greater involvement, fitness, competition and friendship among Alberta's youth. Further, some of the funds that would normally be budgeted for youth events would become available to enhance adult and senior events.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Financial assistance will be allotted to Zone Associations (North, Edmonton, Central, Calgary and South) upon request and based on financial need. The A5PBA will vote to approve all requests for assistance. Bowlers re-use their uniforms in subsequent years.
$ 14,000 Assistance to Zone Associations - Travel, Uniforms, Accomodation etc.
$ 8,000 To establish a recruiting program
$ 3,000 Youth Challenge Provincials

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