Give Kids From All Walks of Life a Chance to Shine & Perform with CYPTCalgary Young People’s Theatre (CYPT)


The idea of this project is to be able to offer lower income families the opportunity to have their child be a part of our camps, classes or productions. CYPT prides itself on its strong bursary program that gives families the chance to have up to half their program fees covered. For our 2011 Season, we would like to provide the opportunity for 20 children to receive FULL bursaries for either a fall or winter drama class, spring break or summer camp or production opportunity. Through our various programming children are given the opportunity to explore various theatrical skills such as storytelling, improv, character work, movement, and this year song and dance as well. All these skills culminate in a final performance for friends and families. Through these opportunities our students build confidence, develop team work skills and meet new friends. Our goal for this project is to reach out to families in need and provide them with the same opportunities.

Community Benefit

It is the commitment of CYPT to offer our camps and classes to as many children from Calgary and surrounding communities as possible. Through this project, it is our hopes that no child is excluded from the opportunity to be involved in a class, camp or production experience due to financial concern. Our camps and classes happen in both the North and South quadrants of the city to increase accessibility to the community of Calgary. At these camps, our students from all walks of life work together to create performances that are based on their own ideas and experiences. These performances are open to friends and families to watch.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: The cost of a one week summer camp for a child is on average $245.oo which goes towards venue rentals, instructor fees, camp supplies etc. The cost of a child to be a part of a production is approximately $450.00. The cost of a fall or winter session is approximately $205.00.
$ 1,350 Cover the cost of 3 kids production fees
$ 2,050 Cover the cost of 10 kids class fees
$ 1,600 Cover the cost of 7 kids summer or spring break fees