An artists' center in Montreal MASSIVart


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  • offer artists a low-cost space for creativity
  • Offer artists organizational and promotional support
  • offer artists access to equipment for creation
  • Foster networking within the arts community
  • Stimulate the creation at the source

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We wish to offer medium-term workshop hire at ; low price to encourage the arts community  conceive their work in a creative environment. We also want to make of these premises, a meeting place that promotes interaction between artists and the industry collaborators. In addition, MASSIVart's workshops will help finance other MASSIVart's artistic activities . We therefore intend to buy a large space in Montreal Mile End and allow artists to lease its workshops. This space will also serve as MASSIVart volunteers' administrative offices  enabling them to provide advice in regard to promoting the artists' work.

Community Benefit

Artists need an affordable window to develop and use their talent. The emerging artists also need to create a networking contact tank to increase their visibility. As they are developing themselves, they like being in a creative world and be in contact with other new artists. Our creative center would support the artistic community by offering a place to indulge in the creation and also to promote their work. Thus, the newly graduated artists will gain from a space and the MASSIVart advice team in regard to the marketing of their work or their professional career. In addition to the artistic community, the Montreal community will benefit from this center due to an increase in artists' creations, the development of exhibition and cultural activities.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: For a detailed project budget, please ask for our business plan by email.
$ 75,000 purchase / lease of a building
$ 15,000 Equipment Purchase
$ 10,000 Capital Fund for MASSIVart employees

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