A Summer Camp experience for Kids with Learning Disabilities.Bridgeway Academy


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  • To offer a summer camp experience to 50 children with LD
  • To foster success attributes and advocay skills
  • To develope social skills
  • To provide support and refferal to parents and sibblings

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Children have difficulty understanding what a learning disability means and often feel it is a sentence for failure. Self esteem,relationships, school and mental health is often impacted. We know that children with Learning Disabilities who develop selfawareness and learn to be selfadvocates have a greater chance to be successful.We would like to offer a summer camp experience to children in Nova Scotia who learn differently where they will discover they have the ability to be successful.They will practise and learn social skills, success attributes and self advocacy through fun and exciting activities. They will meet others who have shared experiences and special guests whose learning disabilities have not prevented their success.They will have opportunities to shine and develop in areas that are of interest them.Their families will also have the opportunity to gain support by attending workshops during the last day of camp, getting advice or referrals for future support


Community Benefit

50 children and their families will benefit from the social and emotional intervention and support that will be provided at camp. Statistics Canada's (HALS) 1991 states the most common long-term condition suffered by children 0 to 14 years of age is learning disabilities. 95,580 children aged 0 to 14 years have this condition. Children need to understand their diagnosis to avoid developing a negative self concept. Almost 50% of adolescent suicides had previously been diagnosed as having learning disabilities.The link between learning disabilities and delinquent behaviour has been examined and confirmed in both Canada and the US. 35% of students identified with learning disabilities drop out of high school. The Conference Board of Canada determined that dropouts from the high school class of 1987 will cost society more than $1.7 billion in lost taxes. Our province as a whole clearly benefits from teaching these children how to manage, cope and succeed with their learning disability.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 10,000 facititly fee
$ 6,500 program developer
$ 5,500 training
$ 5,000 camp director
$ 16,000 20 councillors
$ 1,500 cook
$ 15,000 food
$ 1,000 cook help
$ 4,500 guest speakers
$ 4,000 materials/equipment
$ 4,500 advertising
$ 2,500 administration
$ 10,000 camper transportation vouchers
$ 6,500 healthcare/nurse
$ 2,500 maintenance
$ 5,000 follow up

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