exhibit the litter problem in Halifax, Nova Scotia.Danika Ward


Competed in
Cycle 1


  • to create an outdoors exhibit that people will walk by daily.
  • to inspire people to clean up and stop littering.
  • to arrange a litter clean up of the HRM.



Project Summary:
This project will be about me as a photgrapher getting out there and getting dirty with Halifax, Nova Scotia's litter problem.  I plan to photograph the various amounts of random litter throughout the HRM and then display this art in an outdoors exhibit in an area that people walk by and will have to notice it.

I want this project to evoke feelings in people of what this is doing to our city and how we are perceived by our many tourists who visit this beautiful province of ours.

At the exhibit I also want to have a place where people can volunteer to help clean up the city by helping out in numerous litter clean up days.

Given that most would not purchase art of litter and that I want this to be fully non-profit, no money would be taken from anyone.


 - 1 outdoor exhibit in an area downtown.

 - mention in lcoal newspapers (The Chronicle Herald, The Daily News)

 - mention on TV local news ( Global and CTV)
 - arranged litter clean ups.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: assistance to set up and then later take down the exhibit assistants to help promote the arranged litter day clean ups.
$ 2,000 photo developing and laminating(75 - 16x20)
$ 2,500 exhibit set up supplies
$ 500 garbage bags and refuse disposal

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