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  • to educate others on youth coming out gay via Codys Story

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It is my hope to have Codys Story published and have it made available to youth groups via schools; drop in centres and local and national Youth Crisis associations for internal use and also to potentially sell with all profits benefitting the associated Youth Centres . Codys Story has received much feedback thus far as I have posted it on my facebook as well as my blog. Poems in association with Codys Story have been also featured on websites.   Writing Codys Story has been the most emotionally draining experience I think I have had. It is my wish that when others read Codys Story that they may think and re-think what their actions and inactions can do to exacerbate youths already tumultuos times.  Cody's Story is on my personal blog but it is my one wish to have it available to more people 

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: This is to cover the cost of books being printed. As of now I have them printed at Staples as a small book with coil binding and clear covers. The cost is lower if more copies are printed . Cost will hopefully include postage to those non profit groups wishing copies
$ 2,000 To have Codys Story Printed

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