build a community resource centre in Toronto's Priority NeighbourhoodThe East Scarborough Storefront


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  • Increase the services offered to the Kingston-Galloway community
  • Build an environmentally friendly building in a priority neighbourhood

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 The East Scarborough Storefront Community Design Initiative is exploring design and its ability to act as a mechanism for change. Focused on poverty reduction, it’s enabling young people in the Kingston-Galloway neighbourhood-designated as one of Toronto's thirteen Priority Neighbourhoods for Investment-to conceptualize, design, and steward the creation of a community resource building. The mission is a legacy project, designed to articulate a national precedent and model for participatory design, creativity, and innovation in architecture through the engagement and empowerment of the community. Residents of Kingston-Galloway have identified that their community will emerge from its challenges if the capacity for services and programming are increased at the East Scarborough Storefront. The Refresh Grant would be allocated to the completion of Construction Phase One-the community kitchen and computer resource centre.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 40,000 Construct and purchase materials for community kitchen.
$ 60,000 Construct and purchase materials for computer resource centre

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