Build a positive outlook in males and females body images in Toronto. Beauteous


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  • Raise awareness about the media’s role in portraying body image.
  • Visit 100 schools & build image-related confidence within students.
  • Educate students on how the media uses tech to distort a persons looks
  • Teach students the difference between a healthy and a perfect body.
  • Teach youth about how the media persuades people into being unhealthy.

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Beauteous is a company that wants to raise awareness about body image because many males and females possess a negative attitude towards their physical appearance. Such thinking, leads to a variety of eating disorders in males and females. According to the website About, 'approximately 7 million females and 1 million males struggle with eating disorders'. We believe that today's youth are getting exposed to the media's distorted version of beauty at a younger age each year. There's a study that has been done on five-year-old girls and according to NEDIC 'a significant proportion of those girls associated a diet with food restriction, weight-loss and thinness'. Due to this research, our group Beauteous wants to alter the existing attitudes of adolescents by visiting schools within Toronto and inviting them to our program. Our programs are created to boost self-confidence and self-esteem so that adolescents don't succumb to the media's distorted perspective on body image.

Community Benefit

This project will benefit adolescents that are having difficulty accepting the way they look and feel. The media has helped infest the minds of youth at an early age, resulting in lack of confidence and self-esteem. The media persuades young people to be unhealthy so they can get close to that unattainable body. The media promotes eating disorders and alienates young people from society. Through education we will be able to help adolescents see through the distorted version of beauty portrayed by the media. We will help them analyze the images and video’s depicted in the media. We will also help them realize that they are not alone and that beauty comes in many different forms. Doing so, we will help adolescents gain confidence and raise their self-esteem.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 1,000 Snacks/Utensils for program members
$ 1,000 Marketing and advertising
$ 1,000 Guest Speakers
$ 800 Games
$ 800 Educational Material
$ 400 Maintenance and decoration of the program location

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