Start a "Culture Shock" group for younger people with Parkinsons.Kathryn Bell


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  • To provide cutural opportunities such as theater, ballet, and concerts
  • To improve social contact between the physically disabled person.
  • To provide a better quality of life for the Parkinsons person
  • To provide educational opportunities, computers for those interested


To improve the quality of life for the disadvantaged, physically disabled person with Parkinsons, by providing cutural outings such as theater, ballet, art gallery, museum.

To help with educational interests such as courses and computers if needed.

To provide social contacts for those who would otherwise feel abandoned and alone.

To keep the disabled person interested in living and helping him to be a contributing, valuable member of the community with a purpose.

Community Benefit

Happier and more involved members of the community, working together, both disabled and non-disabled, providing a better quality of life for everyone in the community. Also, helping to provide a better understanding of the particular needs of the disabled.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: Computers and courses
$ 2,500 Cultural trips
$ 2,500 Educational endeavours and trips

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