Create basketball and tennis courts at Delta Secondary for communityDelta Secondary Boys Athletic Council


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  • To create a basketball and tennis court.


We will be painting basketball and tennis courts onto a bare concrete pad.  Also holes will need to be drilled and poles will need to be placed into the pad.  If we can build a great community used facility, then students, parents and other community members will become more engaged in physical activity and involved in the school.  Delta is a school that is located in the east end of Hamilton and students that attend the school come from lower income families.  It is necessary to increase community invovlement and sport participation for those students.  These courts will be used by many different groups, ages, and a diverse group of students.

Community Benefit

Students will be able to use the basketball and tennis courts during school hours and after school. More importantly it will allow students to participate in physical activities whenever they want.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 1,500 paint, stencils, and misc equipment
$ 2,000 poles, fence repairs, and nets
$ 1,500 basketballs and tennis equipment

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