Expansion and renovation project for the Auclair school groundsLa commission des Loisirs d'Auclair


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  • Renovate the schoolyard for a new generation of children!
  • Turn this schoolyard into a park where everyone can have fun!

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For years, the Auclair school grounds have looked run down. Some of the equipment is wonky and some simply cannot be used at all. One thing is for sure: it does not meet the needs of our kids today. We want to completely renovate the school grounds: Modern playground, soccer field, basketball court, baseball diamond... All so that the kids can feel comfortable and enjoy playing sports in our town. We have already raised a lot of money for this project, which will cost over $75,000. We only need another $5,000 to create a new schoolyard for the future generations of kids. A park like this would be a schoolyard for primary school kids, as well as for young families that want to get fresh air and have fun with their kids in a safe environment.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: Purchase of equipment, materials, gravel, park bench...that will be installed for the school children, as well as for the entire population and tourists who pass through our town!
$ 5,000 Playground equipment (swings, slide...)

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