build swimming pool @ Crestwood & other highschools to promote fitnessRainie and others who will help


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  • Build an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, underground, for student use
  • help promote fitness and bring down obesity rates


The project plan will involve many students who wish to help out and a contracting company that will help to build a swimming pool, either indoors or out- probably indoors,so it can be used in cold weather as well.
It will be labour intensive and time consuming, but ideally, it can be done by the time next summer rolls around. Furthermore, any extra required funding can be raised through student dances and other festivals that raise money.

I am sure such a project would be welcome and the students would be enthusiastic about it. In sum, who wouldn't want a refreshing time in the pool without having to go out of one's way, after a long day of studying?

If it succeeds, perhaps other high schools and eventually, public elementary schools, would want in on the fun, too!

I hope it will be considered!


How will the $100K be used?

$ 10,000 Hiring the company to put the pool in

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