Helping people at risk of social exclusion find a job Cyber-Cible


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  • Accompany 12 people per year along a complete integration path.
  • Create and maintain 5 paid full or part time jobs .
  • Empower the autonomy of individuals excluded from the age of technology



Cyber-Cible provides people at risk of social exclusion (people with functional limitations, underpriviledged youth  ...), an integration path that includes training combined with real work experience. For 12 to 18 months, candidates gain experience in the fields of computer and office technology and get to know themselves better, to deepen their knowledge and skills, to develop skills that are valued in the labor market and to undertake an orientation process.

Cyber-Cible is also an organization that provides computer services and office automation to a network of community organizations and its surroundings as well as to the community of the Lanaudière region.

Community Benefit

The community benefits are: - Helping people at risk of social exclusion to integrate into the labor market, paying particular attention to people with disabilities. - Increase access and promote the ownership of information technology and office automation. - Stimulate the creation of sustainable jobs and promote the full social participation of assisted people - Allow those people to take charge of their future, improve their living conditions thus contributing to areduction in poverty. - Empowering the autonomy ofindividuals and groups excluded from the age of technology.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Purchasing materials will allow Cyber-Cible to achieve its service contracts and provide training as well as practical working experience to candidates along their integration path into the work market.
$ 21,938 Purchase of equipment
$ 3,062 Photocopier rental

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