Implement a back to work program for Homeless men and women. The Open Door


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  • To get 10-15 people off the street forever.


Our plan is a back to work program geared for homeless men and women. We will be teaching them general skills that all of us take for granted; like how to use a computer or look presentable for a work environment. They will work closly with a staff member through all the areas in which they are being held back in. The staff member will teach them valuable skills realted to the jobs they want to pursue. We are giving them practical training while hands on experience. 

We will focus on more than working. The staff member will encourage people to go bak to school to recieve a high school diploma or pursue a further education in a field they have a passion for.

Our goal is to have all the people in the program off the streets forever and working full time or pursueing further education in a full time manner.

Some times all a person needs is one person to who cares and beleives in them for real change to occur. 

Community Benefit

We believe that real change happens one person at time. This program is able to directly help 10-15 individuals. The benefit to the community will be that there are 10-15 people who are off the streets. There will be 10-15 people who are now able to give back to the community instead of receiving assistance. Most importantly these 10-15 people will be used as catalysts to bring greater change to the community. The people on the program will set examples of how to get off the streets and showing that it is possible to have their lives fully restored.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 10,000 to pay the people on back to program
$ 15,000 to pay person in charge of back to work program

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