Bring a new generation of scientists through research-based educationCanadian Young Scientist Journal


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  • Sparking new interest in scientific careers and research among youth
  • Offering youth a platform to discuss their ideas with academia
  • Stimulating a resurgence of science education in Canada

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The Journal makes available a platform for any high-school or undergraduate student to publish their scientific research on a national scale. We will gather research papers from across the country and in both languages. Then we will match up the students with a professional in their field of work who will review their article and it will be published along with the review. We will publish 2 issues of the Journal in the 1 year period of the project and they will be sent to every high-school across the country for free. The Journal rewards the research of young scientists by publishing their findings, something currently difficult to procure for youth and their article will be a source of pride for the students, inspiring them to continue in the field of science and engineering, improving the intellectual workforce of tomorrow. The journal will also serve as a learning material for individuals and in classrooms across the country inspiring others to delve into science and engineering.

Community Benefit

The proposed Research Co-Op will help recognize and document student’s initial scientific and engineering experience, and stimulate an interest in all areas of Canadian knowledge based society. It will give students ownership of their education through student driven research, and early motivation with attainable achievements valued both within the high school environment, and outside of it. The participating students will get an idea of the realities of a possible scientific career choice, and will be introduced to other possible careers that may be better suited to the individual. It will also help students establish connections that will help the student succeed on a chosen path. The community will benefit from the influx in scientific careers and high-skilled workers boosting our society's economy and general standard of living. Our community will also benefit with the technological advances these students will bring in their future work.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 40,000 School outreach consultants
$ 10,000 Website and online manuscript submission
$ 20,000 Printing and distribution
$ 30,000 Graphic design and layout

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