build playgrounds based on Alex McLeods 3D drawings. www.alxclub.comLacy Barry


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  • Playground that make kids happy!
  • Safe for children and the environment!!
  • Engage Art in communities!!!



Project Summary:

Work with artist 'Alex McLeod' to fabricate his 3D rendering in real life format for playgrounds in organic and recycled materials safe for children and the environment. Bioresins, wood and plants would be used to make these playground sculptures in select inner city playgrounds to be used.
When I was a kid playgrounds were constructed out of hazardous metals, treated wood and eventually plastics that made my hands smell weird and my head hurt. They still are and use more plastics than ever, that are harmful to the environment and children.
I'd like to recreate playgrounds to be the safe, environmentally friendly wonderlands they were meant to be.


- Start with 5 select inner city, poorly constructed playgrounds across Canada.

- Work with Bioresin suppliers and manufacturers and craftman in North America to fabricate elements of the playgrounds.

- International Press coverage (Contemporist Blog, Design Boom Blog, Dwell Mag)

Community Benefit

Our playgrounds works of art that little ones can play on. They are safe for children and for the environment as they use only moulded bioresin materials, oragnic wood and other organic or safe recycled materials... they are colorful and exciting!

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: the budget will not cover anything not directly associated with the project.
$ 30,000 bioresins, oragnic wood, and recycled materials
$ 25,000 fabricators, contratcors and laborers
$ 5,000 permits & land tax
$ 15,000 shipping materials
$ 25,000 art, design and misc fees

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