CHAOS in Anjou: A Centre for Activities, Offers and Services Isabelle Savary, Andrée-Anne Réhel, Maude Charette


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  • provide entertaining and diversified activities
  • Supervise the 6-17 year audience
  • Enable young people to develop projects
  • Provide emotional and physical support to a disadvantaged audience
  • Addressing the "street gangs" problem


The CHAOS project aims to develop an activity, offers and services center for young people in our neighborhood. Through our project we want to bring under one roof educational, scientific, sporting, cultural, recreational, ecological and creative activities. We want to provide free , accessible and diverse activities. This project will allow our local youth to grow and develop in a structured and stimulating environment. The project is based on the interests of young people and it welcomes their ideas. Examples of activities: homework assistance, dance, theater, cooking workshop, travel project, initiation to street arts, work experience, environmental projects, sports, tournament, etc..


Community Benefit

6 to 17 year old youths will have access to a place in the evenings and on weekends -and to resources to assist them -to free activities and support from trained facilitators. CHAOS would ensure that young people don't "hang out" in the street after school. They would go to a supervised place to do their homework and activities. There is no place in the neighborhood like the center we want to launch and there's an equal demand from both the 6-17 year olds and their parents. The center will benefit the neighborhood.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Salaries of facilitators(3)
$ 15,000 rental of premises (1 year)
$ 20,000 Furnishing of premises
$ 30,000 Purchase equipment
$ 35,000 Funding activities

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