give deserving new moms gear and guidance to make life a little easierAnna-May Zeviar


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Cycle 1


  • Make life a little easier for deserving new moms in Regina


Choose 25 deserving women who will be given all the necessities for a new baby including a stroller, carseat, developmental toys, food, breastpump or formula, bottles, books... as well set up a prenatal/parenting class for the moms to learn about what resources are out there for them and where to turn for support. Also to give them a support network of women they can turn to in need. Anyone is welcome to apply and the most deserving will be granted their request. Approx $1000 each grant.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: time and administration of going through applications for recipents Budget to cover products given to women and the rental space and instructor for classes
$ 25,000 1000 per recipient

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