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  • Create a community workshop to inspire people to make, share and play.
  • Run workshop events to teach new skills to community members

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Our goal is to create a shared workshop in the City of Guelph. A place where anyone can have access to tools, knowledge, experience, and a social support group of do-it-yourself minded people. Somewhere you can build a canoe, create a robot, convert a car to electric power, or prototype the next great invention. A community based workshop where experienced makers can pass on their know-how to the next generations.

We will host regular workshops for all ages, where people can build a bat box, a simple robot, or a soapbox racer. We will inspire people to put down the video games, and start interacting with the real world.

To achieve our goals, we need to rent an appropriate space, somewhere that can accommodate wood and metal workshops, a classroom area, and social area. We have many tools already waiting for their new home, but to be able to purchase some of the more exotic tools at the start would contribute greatly to the success of the project.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget above does not cover legal fees, insurance, workshop setup labour (we do it ourselves)
$ 20,000 Workshop renovation and setup
$ 15,000 Basic tools and equipment
$ 23,000 Precision CNC laser cutter
$ 10,000 Workshop consumables (components, wood and metal stock, etc))
$ 24,000 Rent for the year
$ 4,000 Sponsored membership for low income families
$ 4,000 Workshop safety equipment

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