Create Orangeville, Ontario's First Off Leash Dog Park.Doggie Park for Orangeville c/o Jackie Roxburgh (founder)


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  • To create Orangeville, Ontario's First off leash dog park

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I proposed this idea in October 2009 and this is where I am a year later. I have created a small committee of 10.  Our Committee has been to Orangeville Town council and have received approval for the land and the creation of the park approx 2acres square.

However, financing is needed in order to build the fence in which we have estimates of approx $35,000.00.  So far in donations and fund raising our small little group has raised approx $1800.00 and have received a grant of $5,000.00 from the Town of Orangeville for building and design of park land.

A facebook group called "doggie park for Orangeville"  and successfully have 615 members and growing.  I also amalgimated another facebook group for the dog park with 200 members so total we are at 815 members strong.

The Town of Orangeville mayor has been the most supportive of this project as well as the Orangeville Banner our local paper has given our project so much coverage and support. 

Community Benefit

There are many new people coming to live in Orangeville and are actively seeking a dog park to take their dogs to however the closest park is a 45 minute drive away. This project has so much support from the residents that I am constantly stopped and asked when it will be up and running. Creating this park would open up other avenues for my committee to socially participate with our community by involving parades, fund raisers, and most off all would be able to have our community socialize with each other. It will give an avenue for exercise not only for the pet but for the owners as well. Orangeville, Ontario does not have any areas whereby a beloved dog can go and play. Restrictions keep dogs on leashes when walked and walking areas consists of sharing a sidewalk with people or releasing after hours in school playgrounds which is not recommended. Orangeville has a population of approx 40,000 people and dog owners have an average of 2 dogs per home.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: On top of the approx $7,000.00 we currently have, we estimate that we will have to fund raise another $10,000. in order to complete stage two providing the area with trees, landscaping, donation board, sitting areas, garbage cans and agility equipment for our park.
$ 25,000 purchasing and building required fencing
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