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  • To increase access to quality, nutritious food in our neighbourhood
  • To ensure 'real food' for those with HIV, AIDS, Hep C, and Diabetes
  • To create inspired, innovative food programs and social enterprises
  • To create real jobs for our neighbours in our community food system
  • To support urban farms and Canadian farmers and growers


The Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House and the Potluck Café Society have completed a Community Led Food Action Plan for our neighbourhood under the title of the Downtown Eastside Kitchen Tables Project. The Project, in consultation with multiple stakeholders including residents, has come up with 7 Food Security Solution priorities:

  1. Creating Nutritional Standards...(think Fresh Protein, Fruits & Vegetables)
  2. Menu Development & Recipes...(think creative, tasty and nutritious meals)
  3. Food Procurement...(think collective buying from local farmers)
  4. Food Preparation & Processing...(think creating diverse food service 'jobs')
  5. Food Distribution...(think no long soup kitchen lineups)
  6. Engaging Professional & Food Industry Expertise...(think innovative Chefs)
  7. Food Waste, Compost & Recycling

Next steps include thorough planning and the implementation of creative, innovative, community shaping programs and Social Enterprises...that we can share with other communities.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 30,000 To help with Start Up Costs for a Community Grocery Store
$ 10,000 To purchase Mobile Fresh Fruit & Veggie Kiosks
$ 20,000 To acquire lots of cold storage space for fresh food
$ 30,000 To purchase a Fresh Food delivery vehicle
$ 10,000 To reach out to our neighbours about good food and where to find it

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