"Les Toqués": Kitchen apprenticeship & autonomy - young dysphasics Association québécoise de la dysphasie (AQD) - Région Laurentides


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  • The project "Les Toqués" is intended to promote:
  • - development of knowledge ;
  • - Development of Communication;
  • - Development of autonomy;
  • - and development of socialization.

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"Les Toqués"  is aimed at young dysphasics aged 16+  and aims to develop their autonomy, their sense of organization and responsibilities, their social skills and communication.

The "meal" is the focus of the project. After each session, the group would have experienced three culinary themes through 3 different types of activities:

- Share a meal: in the restaurant, introduction and familiarization on the theme;

- PREPARE it: cooking classes;

- And OFFER it: meeting of a sub-group (by subject) at the home of one of the youths, where all project participants are invited for supper.

To accompany them through these activities, they are surrounded by a coordinator, a chef and two experienced accompanying adults, who offer them the personalized assistance they need.

Community Benefit

Dysphasic teens and young adults have the same desires and the same dreams as everyone else and they all wish one day to be active in their community. However, despite normal intelligence and their will, they do not have the necessary skills to their autonomy. The project "Les Toqués" will allow these young people to take important steps to achieve their autonomy; through this project, they learn not only to feed themselves,but also to make, by partaking of the meal, a meeting and exchange place. By voting for "Les Toqués",you contribute to allow limited people to be able to develop their potential. For young dysphasics,every little step counts and makes a difference. "Les Toqués" offers them a welcoming and secure environment, with a support tailored to their difficulties in the space and time (manipulation, organization, planning) and their interactions (communication, socialization, integration).

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: For the past 15 years, the AQD Laurentide has managed its activities very rigorously. Just like the DQA, the young grow up. Therefore the number of older students increases more and more and their needs are immense. The project "Les Toqués" is of exceptional quality and our older ones really need it!
$ 5,000 Fall 2011 Session
$ 5,000 Spring 2012 Session

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