Connect you with people who can give you a crash course in any topic.Christine Renaud, for E-180


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  • Unveil and tap into people's knowledge
  • Connect people who would benefit from sharing a coffee
  • Jump start people's learning
  • Foster lifelong learning, outside of schools

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Jumpstart your learning

How often did you meet with someone for coffee, just to "pick their brain" on something? With E-180, discover who, inside or outside your network, would be willing to share a bit of wisdom with you.

E-180 will be a matchmaking web platform where those in search of a knowledge can connect with those in possession of it. Our objective is to unleash people’s ability to educate one another and utilize their communities to develop their full potential. Kinda like the Couchsurfing of knowledge.

The idea is simple: whether you are travelling to a new country or simply want to learn something new and need a bit of guidance, E-180 helps you to jump start your learning by connecting you with people interested in giving you a crash course in any topic over a coffee, in their studio or via Skype. We believe that education is a relationship, not an institution.


The Master Plan

The Refresh Project will help us to build a Beta site!





How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: An army of volunteer ambassadors who will be in charge of finding people, enterprises, organizations interested in helping someone to jump start his/her learning.
$ 2,000 Skinning the wireframes we already have
$ 8,000 Coding a beta version of the platform

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