build an earthship for community education and serve as an art studioThe Would be Orphans


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  • Shelter for youth, Teach about simple off-grid harmonious living

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Earthship for Youth is a project that will help tackle many issues facing todays youth as they emerge into adulthood. We will provide an education facility where anyone is welcome to come and stay to learn about the technology and practices being used to live completely and comfortably off grid. We will also strive to establish a free studio space within the facility where artists will be invited to come and create without having to worry about costly studio fees. Through the building process we will involve many members of the community from all walks of life and teach them first hand just how attainable a home of their own can be and how little it can actually cost. We will use as much recycled material as possible and focus on harnessing the human power of community to construct a dwelling that will stand for years to come and always have an open door policy to provide shelter for anyone in need. We will create a haven for travellers, students, artists, and everyone else! 

Community Benefit

Offering a free place to stay and a warm meal to anyone in need or anyone looking to come and experience off grid living first hand. We will strive to offer complete education and tutorials about how we created the earth mass dwelling and provide assistance through a network of like minded individuals to help community members construct their own off-grid homes. We will practice small scale sustainable gardening and provide tours for anyone who would like to come and learn about what technologies are out there to help them live without the burden of monthly bills and large scale construction costs. By using man power instead of $ to build this home we will be bringing the community together to work on a project which will benefit the us all for years to come. Everyone will be welcome to stay at the Earthship and we will strive to turn it into a community art studio that can be used by any and all Canadians. Sharing is caring and this will be a shared space for all to benefit from.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Budget will not cover land acquisition; however this will be something that many have already expressed interest in donating portions of their land for. It will require a bit of work to find the right location, but once we have construction budget it should not be difficult.
$ 5,000 Equipment rental/purchase
$ 15,000 Required material (glass, solar panels, turbine, wiring, toilet, etc)
$ 5,000 All the little things

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