Build guitars from recycled wood for disadvantaged childrenThe EChO Guitar Project


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  • To finish 2 guitars each month
  • To create a mobile workshop, and teach people to build their own guita
  • donate $5000 worth of guitars and money to childrens music programs

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The EChO Guitar project is an initiative that will serve many purposes.
1. Divert waste from landfills, and use the materials to build one of a kind musical instruments.
2. The proceeds from the instruments will be donated to local organizations that provide music and recreational opportunities for underprivledged children.
3. Musicians will enjoy the sight and sound of envirnmentally firendly guitars

1. Complete 24 guitars within a 12 month time frame of receiving the grant
2. Launch a mobile workshop that will teach at least 8 individuals to build their own guitar (need to purchase a used van)
3. Donate at least $5000 in cash, and instruments to local charities

To achieve my goals, I will need to purchase in bulk the non wooden materials required to build the guitars; tuning machines, fret wires, bridge pins, inlay materials, and glue.

Each guitar will need to be sold or auctioned for $300 to attain my $5000 donation goal

The Project will require a stylish new website

Community Benefit

Children who live in social housing will be given more opportunities to develop skills, specifically in music and the arts. Being engaged in a skill development program in the critical hours after school will reduce the risk factors that children and youth in low income neighbourhoods will face. Building Guitars from recycled and salvaged materials will divert a significant amount of waste from the land fills. Many guitars on the market are produced with exotic hard woods that are decreasing in their eco zones, and are transported thousands of miles to the north american market. This project will reduce this global environmental impact.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget will not cover consumable items such as sandpaper, glue, paper, and pencils. The budget will not cover the cost of operating the mobile workshop. The budget will not cover the cost of web maintenance, and server fees The budget will not cover the cost of utilities in the workshop.
$ 900 Purchase guitar building materials
$ 900 purchase tools for mobile workshop
$ 200 develop and launch a website
$ 3,000 Purchase a used minivan for mobile workshop

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