Buying a play module for the Noel-Fortin school Comité de la cour de récréation Noël-Fortin


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  • Purchasing a quality play module

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THE PLAN: Use the Pepsi grant to buy a play module that meets the needs of different students.

The playground in our school already contains  swings, rockers, a basket-ball hoop and a single slide. However, these structures are old, sometimes outdated or there is a lack of equipment.

The project aims at buying a structure that will diversify the play options and will enable all students, according to their needs, to be active (boy vs. girl, 5 years vs. 12 years). Also, the project will increase the dynamism of the playground that will be used by teachers during pro-active events.

FINAL RESULT: An environment that encourages physical activity and developing the game spirit in our children

Community Benefit

Since there is not a single community park in our village, families who want to modify their activities, must attend the park of the closest city, some 12 kilometers away! This situation is far from favourable to the community or enjoyable to parents. the project could revitalize their village by allowing them to "move" around. The playground is permanently open to the community. However, few young people and families use it, since the structures are the same as in the family playgrouds (swing). Dullness sets in! The variety of games offered will allow children and young ones alike to have fun. The project will increase the feeling of belonging that is so important in small communities.

How will the $10K be used?

$ 10,000 purchasing of the module

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