Build an "ENERGY TREE" capturing 3+ renewable forms of energy.CREATINC


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  • Build an "Energy Tree" capturing 3+ alternative energies
  • Reduce our Carbon footprint and dependencies on conventional energy
  • Provide a viable, affordable and available energy source to all
  • Aesthetically adapt to natural surroundings - adding green to "Green"



The "ENERGY TREE" project combines the use of Wind, Solar and Geothermal energies into a single, functional and eco-integral unit, a TREE.  Recreating one of nature's most beautiful designs, the project encompasses designing and building a tree whose bark and leaves capture Solar energy,  roots capture Geothermal energy and branches together with specially designed flowers and leaves capture Wind Energy.

The project is inspired to put the green into "Green". A single "Energy Tree" will capture sufficient energy to power a single home and family. Its intent is to offer a practical, affordable and visually aesthetic solution to the energy crisis.

Suited to most all homes, companies and institutions it will empower us to reduce our dependencies on conventional, polluting forms of energy and drastically reduce our carbon footprint.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Work Hours by Creatinc or its employees Local transport & communication Promotion & publicity
$ 12,000 Purchase of Components & Materials
$ 6,000 Design & production of moving parts
$ 1,000 Production of Scale Model (Solar + Wind)
$ 6,000 Building Final Prototype

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