Improve & update a special needs children after school program.Community Living North Halton


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Cycle 1


  • To update & renovate the facilities, equipment, & transportation
  • To improve the life skills of children with special needs
  • To allow the children a nice, fun environment to play in
  • To allow parents to know that their child is safe & having fun
  • To allow all children with a variety of special needs to participate


The "Enrich The Lives of Special Needs Children" project benefit children within the North Halton region in Ontario who have a special need & the community that they live in.This grant would allow for these children to become more involved in their community & for the community to realize that a child with special needs is like any other child.The After-School Respite program offers respite care 5 days a week, and currently has 6-7 kids a night. These are all children with a variety of developmental delays, from within the Milton, Georgetown, and Acton boundaries.  This program runs from September to June and on PD days as well.The facilities and method of transportation are less than desired, and have become outdated and limit the opportunities for growth. This program allows parents to know that their child with special needs is receiving a fun after-school experience in an appropriate atmosphere. Please Help the After-School Respite Program.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 20,000 Purchase a new van so all the children can go on outings
$ 35,000 Properly furnish the house (kitchen appliances,TV/DVDS, outdoors, etc)
$ 10,000 Small renovations to the house (ex. expansion of back deck)
$ 5,000 Personal care lift (to allow a child in a wheelchair in the program)
$ 30,000 Recreational objects (games, music, sensory items, balls, etc)

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