help adults living with mental illness partcipate in exercise programsThe South Shore Mental Health Program


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  • To pay for 10 to 15 individuals to participate in exercise programs
  • To promote physical health, self-esteem and social interaction.


Many of the medications used to treat mental illness cause weight gain.  Many individuals living with mental illness are living on a low income and can't afford to participate in exercise pograms tht are available in the community for a fee.  Increased weight can have a negative effect on self-esteem.  Participation in an exercise program can improve both physical and mentl health and increase opportunities for social interaction. 

The funds would be used to pay the monthly fees for a number of adults (and older teens) at a local fintness centre like the YMCA.  Participants would be selected through the Community Support Service.  If transportation is a problem some of the funds may be used to provide transportation to the fitness centre.

Community Benefit

To allow individuals to more fully participate in their community.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 4,500 membership fees
$ 500 transportation

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