Provide Breakfast and/or Lunch for hungry children in Fort Macleod, ABFort Macleod Kids First Family Centre


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  • To provide breakfast and/or lunch for any hungry school-aged child
  • Based on Canada Food Guide, to ensure all meals are nutritious
  • To ensure that cost of each breakfast does not exceed $1.00/child/day
  • To ensure that cost of each lunch does not exceed $2.00/child/day


Project Summary:  
Fort Macleod is located between two large First Nations Reserves and has a poverty level significantly higher than the AB Provincial average.  Fort Macleod Kids First Family Centre seeks to provide a nutritious breakfast and/or lunch to children living in poverty that might otherwise not receive adequate food on any given day.
 Research shows that children have difficulty learning and often do poorly in school if they are hungry.  Our program not only meets an immediate need, but potentially may help to break the cycle of poverty as these children excel in their studies, graduate from high school and acquire post secondary education.

 - An average of 28 children served breakfast each day in elementary and middle schools
 - An average of 59 children served lunch each day in all four local schools
 - Over 200 community volunteers involved
 - Coverage of Pepsi Refresh financial support in local media 

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The Pepsi Refresh Grant will not cover the staff costs involved in recruiting, interviewing, organizing, scheduling volunteers, the on-going time involved in shopping for food/supplies, the facilities/equipment required. These costs will be covered by our organization and our community partners.
$ 4,500 Food for Breakfasts
$ 20,000 Food for Lunches
$ 500 Supplies for Breakfasts/Lunches

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