FEEDING OUR FRIENDS Lack of food should never be a concern..help us..Jason Legge Kitchener Waterloo food Bank


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Cycle 1


  • Support the growing hunger issue in our community
  • increase awarness thoughout the community
  • ensure every family has a fighting chance


The "feeding our Friends" project will support the over used under staffed Waterloo regional food bank.  By utilizing my community partners and creating awarness my goal is to help sustain the need within our community.

Since 2008 the use of the food bank has grown by over 16%. The food bank serviced over 12,820 people last year, 8% increase vs 2008. Emergency food use has continued to rise, the impact on resources (human, food, financial) has been significant.
This project will provide 40,000 meals through the community meal program in waterloo region, provide food for 1000 families for a week thorough the emergency food hamper program, This project will provide almost 2 tractor trailer loads of food supply to the food bank to be distrobuted within our community.

long term, this project will provide 100 much needed new portable "food drive" bins to support the on location food drive programs.

The issue is real the time is now.....

How will the $100K be used?

$ 5,000 New food drive bins
$ 3,000 creating awareness
$ 92,000 direct food purchase for food bank

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