provide daily nutritious smoothies to 50 homeless people in vancouverla boussole


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Cycle 1


  • to help our most food insecure members access nutrition


Quality food is a determinant of health, yet difficult to access for those who are homeless and under-housed. All too often, the poorest in our society subsist on charitable food which, studies show, is not nutritionally viable. The poorest in our society are also most likely to have health problems like diabetes and hep c, illnesses that are exacerbated by poor nutrition. How can we expect people to make the steps toward social integration when they are malnourished and operating below capacity? 

By offering a daily smoothie for one year to the 5o members of our organization that come in daily to our drop in centre we will rectify some of these problems. Home made smoothies are nutritionally dense, inexpensive, easily consumed--particularly for those who have bad teeth and/or no appetite due to other health problems. During the delivery of these smoothies we will also be able to provide nutritional information that is relevant to the lives of our most transient members. 

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget is not going to cover the salary of the facilitator or the facilities used.
$ 5,000 two blenders, cups, fruits, flax seed, rice milk for a year

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