Food Fight: Fighting for a healthier generation Geremy Capone with Sara Urowitz


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  • A “Food Fight” for healthy living
  • Bold, easy, low cost, nutritious cooking demonstrations
  • Refresh the new generation with a healthy outlook on life
  • Support youth touched by cancer with the power to fight for health



Victory will be achieved when an army of Youth Touched by Cancer (YTC), food fighting warriors, embraces healthy living habits. Our mission is led by a vibrant team including a trained chef, registered dietitian, and dedicated volunteers. The enthusiasm in the kitchen is contagious, motivating our food fighters to adopt new practices both in their own lives and to share with their communities. Week-long training camps for YTC will provide the skills and knowledge for a new generation of healthy living.

The camp will be housed in the ELLICSR: Health, Wellness and Cancer Survivorship Centre, a unique facility developed to empower people touched by cancer. ELLICSR has a state of the art teaching kitchen, exercise room and comfortable gathering spaces, providing the stage on which to ignite the passions of our food fighters.


  • A generation of food fighting warriors
  • Food fighting cooking camps for youth ages 13 – 17
  • Food Fight tookits for use in the community 

Community Benefit

Harnessing the power of youth networking and social media (FaceBook, Twitter etc) a community of Food Fighting warriors will be established. We envision the creation of both virtual and physical communities where people can share their passion for good food, local ingredients and healthy living. Food Fight resulted from a productive collaboration between the Princess Margaret Cancer Program and George Brown College. Together they designed the BRUNCH (Building Recipes Understanding Nutrition Cancer-survivor Health) project to develop and demonstrate healthy recipes for cancer survivors. Capitalizing on that success Food Fight for a healthy generation will take the lessons learned from BRUNCH and share them with the community of Youth Touched by Cancer (YTC). After participating in the training camps, and armed with this new knowledge, the food warriors will return to their communities, both physical and virtual, as ambassadors of healthy eating for a new generation.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Budget will not cover staff salaries
$ 15,000 Camp (food, equipment, apparel for participants)
$ 7,000 Development of educational content (nutrition and recipes)
$ 3,000 Creation of toolkits

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