Trap Neuter Release and Provide Shelter For Stray Cats in Windsor Ont.For The Love Of Grace Spay Neuter Program


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  • To spay and neuter stray and feral cats in Windsor Ont.
  • Build and distribute shelters for colony cats where needed.
  • Help reduce the population of feral and stray cats on Windsor streets.
  • Help inform and educate the public of spay neuter advantages
  • Reduce the number of cats facing euthanasia by reducing litters born

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Estimated, there are 30,000 feral cats in Windsor Ontario. Our goal, is to help these cats who face hardships on the street, by a trap, neuter & release program. Where possible, we would work to find homes for strays that are tame and socialized, but who have been abandoned. We would like to provide basic vaccinations to colony cats. We will work with colonies of cats, (where there are caregivers providing food), but where a need is present to spay/neuter and provide shelter. This in turn, will allow the colony to become manageable. With your help, our program will control the numbers of cats living on the fringes of society, eating garbage, roaming or being hit by cars.
We will build and distribute shelters for colonies in areas as required.
As a civilized society, we must not ignore this issue any longer.
Trap neuter release programs work!

Community Benefit

Reduction in the number of feral and stray cats roaming the streets of Windsor Ontario. Less garbage getting torn apart since less litters of kittens will be born outside. Lessens the nuisance factor that some people feel towards these innocent cats. Reduce the number of cats facing euthanasia because there are not enough homes to adopt them. The socialization of stray cats to enhance their adoptabity wherever possible. Many years of experience between our group members in animal rescue, socialization, trapping and handling of feral and stray cats humanely

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Time donated from the many volunteers in this program. Any transportation costs, (trips to and from vet office). Additional medical expenses required other than spay/neuter surgery, ear clipping and flea treatment. Additional materials needed for the shelters, such as straw, tarps, and insulation.
$ 7,000 Spay and neuter surgeries
$ 1,000 Build shelters for cats where needed outdoors
$ 1,000 Start a food bank for colony cats
$ 1,000 Provide basic vaccinations as needed

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