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  • To raise $125,000 for 2 new play structures & an outdoor classroom.

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The St.Bernadette Playground Initiative consists of 3 phases:

Phase I: Installation of a play structure for our grades 4-6 students who currently have nothing at all to play on! This play structure will be wheelchair accessible, providing all children in our neighbourhood the opportunity to play.  We plan to install Phase I in May 2011.

Phase II: Replacement of our existing worn out wooden structure which we have outgrown.  This will accommodate our kindergarten to grade 3 students, as well as the younger children in our neighbourhood.  This play structure will also be wheelchair accessible and is schedule for completion in Spring 2012.

Phase III: Establishment of an outdoor classroom near the front entrance of our school.  This will provide the opportunity for students to enhance their learning by extending their classroom to the natural environment, as well as provide an enjoyable sitting area for our neighbourhood.  This area will be available Spring 2012.

Community Benefit

The addition of 2 new wheelchair accessible play structures at our school will benefit a number of groups. These include, but are not limited to: the grade 4-6 students of St.Bernadette Elementary School (currently 123 students), the children of the YMCA's Before and After School Care Program that operates out of St.Bernadette School (currently 45 children); as well as the many children of our young families in our growing surrounding communities of Walsh Acres, Garden Ridge and Lakeridge. The new play structures will encourage our youth to participate in physical activity as a way of improving individual health and well being, socialize with their friends and to use their imaginations in creative play. The presence of new, quality wheel chair accessible play structures will provide a fun, safe, healthy alternative for the youth in our neighbourhood who are wondering what to do in their free time. Wheelchair accessibility will ensure full inclusion of those with disability.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Our playground initiative, with the three separate phases and a total budget of $125,000 ($60,000 for Phase I, $60,000 for Phase II and $5,000 for Phase III), is the largest undertaking in the history of St.Bernadette Elementary School! Funds from the Pepsi Refresh Project would help us immensely!
$ 10,000 Playground structure

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