Harness the energy spent on casual online gaming and turn it into aid.Bruce Mau Design


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  • Harness the energy of the massive online casual gaming community
  • Design an exciting platform that converts the energy into GOOD
  • Help create a community of like-minded people that's smart AND fun



Project Summary:

The 'Play for GOOD' project leverages the massive community of online casual gamers and unites them by designing a hub that harnesses their collective play and turns it into focused corporate giving. Game play translates to direct corporate micro contributions supported by advertising on the site that then goes towards a variety of socially positive projects chosen by the gamers.

The players form a community and each player has a dashboard that tracks their individual progress and performance as well as the specific socially positive projects they choose to support.


  • Online portal
  • Individual player metrics interface
  • Community interface
  • 10 corporate sponsors
  • 30 online games (pre-existing)
  • Promotional material to support further expansion of the corporate sponsor network, the online player community, and the socially positive project network


How will the $100K be used?

$ 10,000 R + D on potential interest in player community, corporate sponsors
$ 40,000 Strategy, design, prototyping of website
$ 50,000 Programming site

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