Start a Journey Management Company so everyone gets to places safeKrystal


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  • Provide a check-in service for travelling people
  • Inform people of weather conditions during their voyage
  • Make sure people get to where they are going safely
  • If people do not check in, immediately inform police and rescuers
  • Keep track of people journeys so loved ones dont have to worry


Basically, everyone travels. For work, or pleasure.

What I would do is, create a internet websit where a person can download a list of the rules of how the program works, and they can also start a application to enroll them selves.

A small fee of $5.00 per month or $60 per year would cover expenss as I believe tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or more people might eventually join this program.

What would happen is, you are travelling. So when you leave you provide us with your route.

We then provide you with weather/road conditions and record your route information and take all your cell phone information.

Every 1 or 2 or 3 hours or what ever is established, you must call us to check in.

If you do not check in, we can notify family, friends, or even police or rescuers depending on how you want us to act.

This way you get to your destination safe, and if you dont, then someone know where to start looking.

Also, family/friends dont need to be responsible to do this for you.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Once this catches on, salary will go up, advertisimg, office expenses will go up Once alot of people join, more employeees will need to be added Profit when business becomes successful will be split 50/50 between employees and a new charity each month......(may take a few years b4 this happens)
$ 5,000 3 laptop computers
$ 720 (60*12) north america long distance phone - shaw
$ 480 (40x12) internet 1 year
$ 780 (40x12) website 1 year + 300 setup
$ 7,000 Advertising to general public
$ 4,000 Informing responding agencies of the service
$ 2,020 Mail + office supplies > 1 year
$ 5,000 Salary

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