Help Teen Inventor launch novel advanced wheelchairs for the disabledGary Kurek - GET Mobility Solutions Inc.


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  • To provide disabled Canadians with practical mobility aids.
  • To provide disabled Canadians with affordable mobility aids.
  • To raise awareness about Canada' baby booming population.
  • To help disabled Canadians physically and socially through innovation.


My project will focus on developing and testing a final prototype of a patent pending invention of mine. I have successfully created a mobility aid capable of overcoming obstacles that other aids cannot. This includes (but not limited to): Stairs, curbs, and rough terrain. This device also allows users to stand up when they want to, and gives them the option of using manual, power assist, or full power options depending on thier condition at a given time.

If developed and implemented, this innovation holds much promise for physically disabled Canadians. It is proven that this innovation will work (as I already have a fully operational prototype), however I am looking to improve it's design and refabricate it so it will be more practical.

Once this project is completed, I will then be prepared to approach investors and companies to discuss further funding and/or licensing opportunities. I have successfully developed 2 other inventions and have experience in this industry.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Given that I am granted this funding, there is a very strong chance that both provincial and federal governments will match these funds providing me with a budget of $75 000. I have worked in R&D before on several occasions, and have a clear understanding of the costs associated with these projects.
$ 4,000 Legal costs associated with IP and protection
$ 7,000 Marketing, Market Research, and Testing
$ 14,000 R&D, Prototyping, and Fabrication

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