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  • Raise funds for Canadian charities
  • Educate, motivate & facilitate kids learning about & giving to charity
  • Get kids in the habit of giving so that they continue to give as adult
  • Teach kids about the importance and impact of giving (time and money)
  • Give kids the resources they need to connect with & give to charities


There are currently no websites that children can go to, to learn about giving, connect with Canadian charities and support the charity of their choice. Giving Elf will give kids the opportunity to:

  • Learn about giving in a fun way through a virtual game. They will learn how they can help to change the world by giving to charities.
  • Research and raise funds for charities. Kids will be able to find charities that match their interest and location. Charities will be described in language written for kids.
  • Donate a portion of their allowance. They will be able to set-up a virtual piggy bank to match their giving allowance jar and donate it online when they have enough saved.
  • Set up a page to ask for and collect funds.
  • Connect with, challenge and inspire other kids.
  • Get ideas on how they can raise funds.

The younger kids learn to make giving a part of their everyday routine, the more likely they will continue it when they are adults. Giving Elf will create life-long givers.

Community Benefit

Giving Elf will generate funds for thousands of charities across Canada. It will help make life-long givers out of children and the impacts will be felt for decades. Kids have demonstrated that they have the ability and desire to help. After the Haiti earthquake in 2010 and the tsunami in 2004, Canadian kids raised millions of dollars for charities. Giving Elf will teach kids to think about giving year round instead of just when devastation happens. Whether kids want to raise money to help battle cancer, to build a school or library, or to help sick animals in their community - Giving Elf will give kids the tools they need to raise money for the charity of their choice.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The virtual game will be animated. Kids will be able to communicate safely in a chat area of the game. The website will include a login and people will be able to set-up recurring donations.
$ 50,000 Virtual game development
$ 35,000 Website development
$ 5,000 Writing charity descriptions in language kids can understand
$ 5,000 Organizational start-up fees
$ 5,000 Marketing and PR for website

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