Build a portal for animal shelters & the public to find lost petsLisa Denis


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Cycle 2


  • To create a portal for shelters to share lost & found information
  • To provide the public with a single point of contact for lost pets


Project Summary:
The "Gone Astray" project, like most ideas, comes from a personal story.  When our family cat, Lucy, went missing, we did all of the usual things.  Put out posters, put an ad in the local paper, posted to popular message boards and forums and contacted our local shelter.  We were advised to contact all of the vet offices in the area, the Town roads department and all of the other shelters who were serving our town and surrounding areas - more then 20 of them - the majority of which, being overused and run only by donations and volunteers, had limited space and euthanasia policies as short as 3 days.  The shelters had no way to communicate with each other, with other pet care providers or with the public to assist in tracking down lost or found animals.

Gone Astray will be a single, authoritative, collaborative, online portal for use by animal shelters and the public in the communication of information on lost or found pets.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Development costs to include hosting and technical/administrative support for 3 years post launch Overall Project Management will be done at no charge, except expenses (travel, teleconferencing, etc.)
$ 1,000 Need Analysis
$ 5,000 Portal Design & Marketing Concept
$ 16,000 Portal Development
$ 3,000 Portal Promotion

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