employ people with developmental disabilities within GoodFoot DeliveryGood Foot Delivery


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  • To provide employment for two new couriers
  • To build our client list to fifty supporters

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Good Foot Delivery is a straight up point-to-point delivery service in downtown Toronto.  We provide a punctual service and our couriers dress in snazzy duds.

That's not the inspiring part.

The inspiring part is our social aim.  Good Foot employs people with developmental disabilities, offering them an opportunity to contribute to the community and to achieve financial independence. 

There's a 3rd Win too.  As a foot/public transit service we do our environmental bit too by keeping as tiny a footprint possible.

With the Pepsi Refresh Grant we would keep on keepin' on, continuing to build the company steadily and descerningly.  We are open for service in Toronto with a viable business model that combines a social enterprise with a non-profit that will one day become self-sustaining.  A Pepsi Refresh Grant of $25,000 would allow us to employ two additional couriers to support our growing enterprise.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 25,000 To train and employ two new Good Foot couriers

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