Help provide a second chance to the retired harness racehorses in BCGreener Pastures- BC Standardbred Horse Adoption Society


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  • To raise over $15,000 with fund raising and donations
  • To raise awareness for the standardbred breed as a riding horse
  • To re home a minimum of 45 horses this year

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Greener Pastures is a registered non-profit charitable organization that relies mainly on fundraising and donations to help keep the society running.

At any given time, Greener Pastures has 10 horses in the program. It is up to the society to assess the horses and provide them each with an individual training program.

Greener Pastures is a volunteers based program that has many dedicated and hard working volunteers. It is up to the co-ordinator and the volunteers to provide each horse with what they need and to match potential adopters to a horse that suits them.

The standardbred is often over looked as a riding horse. Greener Pastures hopes to changes that by raising awareness for the standardbred breed as a riding horse that excels in many different disciplines.

The horses in the program are donated by the previous racing owners. They are donated knowing that their horses will find a loving recreational home after their retirement.

Community Benefit

Millions of dollars are spent annually, world wide on horse racing. It is time for us as a community to give back to the athletes that work their whole lives making people money. The Standardbred is an ideal recreational horse with a calm disposition,sensible mind and a friendly outlook! These are the attributes that have enabled Greener Pastures to adopt out over 50 horses per year. These numbers alone are testament to the suitability of the Standardbred as a riding horse. By funding this program, retired racehorses in BC will have a place to go after they can no longer race.

How will the $10K be used?

$ 5,000 Feed and bedding (Hay, grain, sawdust)
$ 5,000 Veterinary bills (vaccines, de-worming, heath checks, etc; )

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