Build a Rope Challenge Course to benefit children with diabetes Midland Branch, Canadian Diabetes Association


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  • To build and maintain an Outdoor Challenge Program at Camp Huronda.
  • Build a Low Rope Challenge Course
  • Help children have fun and conquer fear in a safe environment


Building a Low Ropes Course for Camp Huronda will help the children with diabetes who attend this camp in the summer to conquer their fears while having fun and help them in their journey to be confident individuals who can manage this disease for the rest of their lives. These funds will be used to have the site evaluated and prepared and the Low Rope Challenge course built by a certified contractor to proper standards. A dedicated group of volunteers from the Midland area has raised funds annually to help in the upkeep and development of this camp.

Site assessment and preparation
Construction of the Low Rope course by July 1, 2021
Annual Safety Inspections and maintenance
Over 1,600 children with diabetes will attend Camp Huronda this summer

Community Benefit

The camp is operated each summer for children with Type 1 Diabetes, ages 8-15 from across Ontario. In some cases it provides them with their first time away from home and their parents supervision. This can be a start for the children taking responsibility for their own diabetes management.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: There are additional costs over the budget for equipment rental required for installation, site preparation and evaluation that will be raised in the Midland community by volunteers.
$ 9,175 Installation of challenge course elements
$ 825 Site Preparation and maintenance

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