Provide free computer placements to children of low income familiesCAW Local 200 Computers for Kids


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  • To provide 1,000 children with newfound computer access
  • To wipe over 2,500 hard drives to government standard wiping levels
  • To responsibly recycle over 750,000 lbs of electronic waste
  • To inspire philanthropy and a sense of togetherness in our community

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The “Computers Connecting Kids” project will inspire local citizens and businesses to donate their unwanted computers so that at-risk youth will realize increased educational opportunities.  The project will raise awareness on educational and environmental issues which we face today and will offer a solution.  

All computers donated will have each hard drive wiped to government standard wiping levels using a hard drive eraser.  Re-usable computers will then be refurbished by our certified technicians and volunteers.  Refurbished units will then be placed with children whose families do not have the financial means to purchase a computer. 

This project will enable us to increase the amount of computers we collect currently by allowing us to offer a secure data protection service at no cost to our donors.  All material which cannot be re-used will be recycled through the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES).

Community Benefit

This project will help break the cycle of poverty for many youth in our community. The inability of a family on limited income to purchase a computer only increases the possibility their child will be stuck in the same poverty cycle as they grow up. This project will step in and provide free computer access to children living in poverty thereby enhancing their educational opportunities with the use of this powerful research tool. Data privacy is of great concern to everyone who disposes or donates their unwanted computer yet there are very few secure options available. This project will provide a government standard level of data erasure at no cost to each donor. Computers contain toxic materials which will have severe effects on our environment and our health if not recycled responsibly. This project will raise awareness and provide a responsible recycling service in which all material collected is processed in Canada by certified electronic waste processors.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: The hard drive eraser will be used on all hard drives received in computers donated to our charity. Only trained personnel will use this machine. The machine will continue to be used by our program following completion of the project so that we can continue to offer the service to our donors.
$ 7,250 Purchase 1 Hard Drive Eraser & Accessories
$ 1,500 Marketing and advertising for a computer collection event
$ 1,250 Educational software to be installed on placement computers

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