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  • Save 100 Feline lives- by spaying/neutering and adopt to new home

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The save a life- fix a stray project would provide spaying or neutering to the multitude of stray cats that are roaming the streets of Cornwall and SD&G. These cats, unwanted, abandoned, unfed and fully intact, provide more kittens than the shelter can provide homes or care for.

By sterlizing 100 cats, we have not only saved those cats, but also the pain and suffering of all their future offspring. It is said that 1 cat and her litters, can potentially produce, over 7 years, approximately 370,000 cats.

What we propose to do, if funded, is:

  • Neuter 50 male cats
  • Spay 50 female cats
  • Reduced adoption fee for these strays so they can be adopted into loving  homes.
  • Continue to provide education regarding spaying/neutering your pet

(All transport, vaccines, flea treatments, food, care and shelter would be provided at our own costs)

Funding would truly provide an improved life for stray cats living in Cornwall, Stormont and Glengarry.



How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Budget will not cover vaccines, flea treatment, food, shelter, transport, and care. This will come from our shelter pockets.
$ 5,000 Neuter Male Cats
$ 5,000 Spay Female Cats

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