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  • Work with high school students to develop successful transition plans
  • Work with stakeholders to develop a collaborative team and plan
  • Utilize a person-centered planning approach with students
  • Students with disabilities have the chance to make their own decisions

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NBACL’s project involves a Transition Facilitator who will work with participating students, their families, teachers and others to develop a transition plan for each student.  This plan sets out goals and activities that will help ensure these students will be prepared for life after high school.

Participating students are youth who are in participating public high school; are in grade 10, 11 or 12, face post-school employment barriers; and include, but not exclusive to, students with intellectual disabilities.

The objectives are to facilitate successful post-school outcomes for students; facilitate access to summer employment (work experience); provide access to work preparation activities such as interview preparation, resume writing, employer expectations, job readiness and identify student skills and career related interests.

This project gives students an opportunity to make their own decisions about their life. 

Community Benefit

In NB today 70% of individuals with an intellectual disability are either unemployed or underemployed. Approximately 70% of adults with intellectual disabilities live in poverty. Youth with an intellectual disability in NB are not being adequately prepared for life after they graduate from high school. Many youth with an intellectual disability face significant exclusion within school, and particularly while at high school. Without adequate planning and preparation youth with an intellectual disability face uncertain futures. This project provides an opportunity for students to plan and make decisions about their future, develop employability skills needed in today's labour market. This will help bridge the gap between employers and employees by better preparing youth facing employment barriers skills. This project will decrease uncertain futures that may have involved staying home, collecting assistance rather than earning an income, paying taxes, and truly feeling valued.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: The total cost of the project budget is $77,000.00 (12 months) including: Transition Facilitator salary costs (2 full-time facilitators @ 40 hours/week x 52 weeks) - $60,000 Job Coaches $13,000 Travel to the schools - $2,500 Office Supplies / Telephone / Email - $1,500
$ 8,500 Transition Facilitator salary (2 Full-time 40 hrs/wk x 52 weeks)
$ 1,000 Travel to schools for 2 full-time Transition Faciltiators
$ 500 Office supplies / Telephone / Email

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