assist low & fixed income families to have their cat spayed/ neutered Linda Felix on behalf of Spay Day


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  • To assist 50 cats to be spayed & neutered.


The cat population in Halifax Regional Municipality is considered by many to be out-of-control. Seniors on a small pension and families with low income are most often not able to afford to take their pet for veterinary care. Often these are pets who get lost or are discarded to the outdoors and contribute to the growing feral cat population. The goal of this great idea is to target cats who would never see a veterinarian due to the economic situation of its owner.

Community Benefit

Spay and neuter is considered the most humane method of controlling the ballooning cat population. It has been proven effective right across North America. All the animal shelters here are full all of the time, cat rescue groups have limited resources and there is a real need for a program like this in Halifax.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Volunteers will provide the program organization, transportation of the cats to the clinics, screening applicants and all administrative functions
$ 10,000 100% to pay for the spay & neuter of cats

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