Extend Norfolk's Backpacks For Kids to Haldimand County.Backpacks For Kids


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  • Give away backpacks and supplies to families in Haldimand County
  • Promote the current backpack program being offered in Norfolk County


Backpacks For Kids would like to use the grant to extend the current program to include Haldimand County. The grant will be used for backpacks/supplies, advertising, and to buy a dedicated phone line. This charity has given away 211 backpacks and supplies to kids in Norfolk County over a 3 year period. For the last 3 years, I have operated without expense (I pay out-of-pocket). This is because I wanted all donations coming into the program to have a direct impact on the community. Because of the diversity of participants, I have simplified sign-up to be a phone call. I do not require any income verification which means pay-to-pay incomes also qualify. The only stipulation is that the particpant and/or family must reside within the county limits. This is for grades JK-12 and every child receives $41 worth of supplies. The amount of additional supplies is dependent on the grade level.  i.e. high school students receive $60-$65 worth of supplies.

Community Benefit

1. The start of the school year is the 2nd most expensive time for families. Backpacks For Kids will allow some of this burden to be taken away from families. It is my hope that the money set aside for school can then be put into other activities for the children. Quite often, tight budgets means that either the child isn't proper equipped for school, new clothes aren't bought, or bills are set aside so the child does have the necessities. 2. Supplies are bought in the community and therefore the economy will be stimulated becasue of this. 3. Community awareness of a hidden problem. Poverty does exist in Haldimand-Norfolk County, but quite often it is hidden poverty.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Norfolk County Operating Costs. Funds are being sourced for the Norfolk County directive.
$ 300 Printing materials
$ 150 Dedicated phone
$ 100 Phone service charges during campaign
$ 200 Gas Expense
$ 2,000 Advertisement in 3 papers for 2 months
$ 7,250 Bakcpacks/supplies for 120-170 kids

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